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Our Boats

The “Big Canoe” or “War Canoe”

In normal conditions, the Langely will easily handle 14 paddlers, with the option of adding 2-3 kids in the middle of the wider centre seats. It is versatile, durable and fun. It is ideal for corporate days, clubs and family occasions etc.


The Canadian Canoe

Canadian Canoes are highly maneuverable and can be paddled solo or by 2 / 3 persons. Suitable for families including small children, very safe. They are capable of carrying large loads, which makes them ideal for journeying and camping trips.


Sit-on-top Kayaks

Sit-on-top kayaks have a few advantages over sit-insides, one of which is comfort. Paddlers with large body types, long legs, or limited flexibility may feel less confined paddling a sit-on-top.



The  Kayak is comfortable and lightweight, perfect for recreational use and light touring. Hugely popular and packed with features that will make light work of a long day or slow moving river!

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